White Fillings & Crowns

All prices are excluding tax.

Direct Bonding
Immediate filling of light-cured resin
(Front tooth ¥50,000 / 80,000)
Doc’s Best Cement
Sterilized cement made in U.S
Zirconia Crown Gradation Plus
100% zirconia crown of limited shades
Mainly used on upper molar
Over 10 times stronger than normal ceramic
Zirconia Crown Ceramic Plus
Perfectly color matched zirconia crown
Zirconia base plus natural shade ceramic
Mainly used on front tooth and premolar
All Ceramic Veneer
Perfectly color matched e-max ceramic veneer
Mainly used on front tooth and premolar
Fiber Post
Extremely flexible post core made of special fiber
Temporary Resin Crown ¥3,000

◎ These fillings and crowns are all metal-free (metal allergy-free).

  • アンダーアーマー・パフォーマンスマウスウェア
  • ドックベストセメント
  • LAPT
  • デジタルモニタリングシステム